D-Red Montana (Born March 23, 1988) believe to be the future of hip hop, although D-red is an up and coming artist he was inspired by those of his sourrounds. Exploring his many talents he became an outstanding producer and beat maker with the help of his running mates.


He also looks foward to learning any and everything that comes along concerning his music such as playing the piano and guitar. He has a passion for his music and on a mission to outdue all of his competitors.


He knew music was apart of him since the age of 7, but his carrer as a rapper begin his 7th grade year goin to McNair Middle School in college park, Ga. with his two friends DeeMo Tha Admiral And Don Dotta. Once he made it to high school (Banneker) D-red, DeeMo Tha Admiral, Ja cardi A, Big stacy, and Ajizzle formed a group which is now known as Long Struggle!!!


Now that he is 24 better then ever, he is here to dominate the game and take it to a whole different level. Antwone Graham CEO of Rebellious Ent believed D-red has what its takes and decided to add him to his team of great individuals to begin their takeover.



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